July 2008


I've just arrived in London greeted by beautiful weather. It's so nice to be back here in a more relaxed way as I won't be performing during this stay. I'll hopefully be making arrangements for a concert for next spring but this too will be part of the fun of this holiday. I'm really looking forward to having a great summer seeing friends and travelling to Europe as well. This is where I get all my energy and inspiration for my music so I'm hoping to make the most of my time here!

Tokyo Midtown

Midtown%20escalators%201_resize.jpgOne of my favourite places in Tokyo is "Tokyo Midtown". Tokyo Midtown is the name of a purpose built area in the heart of Tokyo complete with a shopping mall,offices,residential suites,a hotel,a Japanese garden,museum and I'm sure much more! It's a wonderful combination of modern sophistication (coming from New York's urban chic - hence the name "Midtown") and Japan's traditional culture.

Midtown%20bamboo_resize.jpg The mall is absolutely beautiful with abundant usage of wood,natural stone and water and the lighting is really subtle creating a wonderfully calm atmosphere. Shame I can't go wild shopping here as the shops and restaurants are all very luxurious but you do get a wonderful feeling just walking around - feeling a bit like Holly Golightly!

Midtown%20stream%20with%20bridge_resize.jpgThe garden too is beautiful with quite a big stream and pond.It's lovely to hear the sound of water flowing in the midst of such a busy city.
It is amazing that they have planned this whole place so spaciously in one of the most densely built up areas in Japan. It is a true oasis in Tokyo!