September 2008

September 11th

Although this day used to be a day to celebrate my friend's birthday and also wedding anniversary it is now tainted with deep sadness. I lived in New York when I was little and visit Manhattan regularly,so I have a great fondness for the city and was truly shocked to see it being scarred. I was one of the lucky ones to not have anyone lost in the event,but I think it has affected us all in some way or another and that the world has really changed since then.

We have all this new technology now which is supposed to bring us together,and yet we seem so far from world peace. How can this be? Haven't we had enough time to learn from our mistakes? I cannot believe how we can fly into space,figure out how the universe started and yet still cannot find a way to live together in peace... Shame on us.

Summer's over!

como_resize.jpgI've come back from my summer in Europe and feel totally refreshed and ready to go back to my teaching and playing in full gear.

I had such a brilliant time staying in Britain and visiting Belgium and Italy - seeing friends,eating great food and visiting beautiful places. I feel very blessed that I have so many good friends with such good hearts. They are all such an inspiration to me and have given me so much happiness in this life. The truly special time that I have spent in the past month has filled my heart with so much joy that I feel the music is just overflowing. It's wonderful to have an outlet for what I have absorbed. I hope the music that I work on now will reflect the wonderful time I have been blessed with.