July 2009

One Special One

A recital in November in Tokyo is in the pipe-lines and I've been busy trying to get things organized. The hall is booked and the programme is set but I've been having trouble getting the flyers done as I didn't want to use my previous promotional photos.

They're nearly 6 years old and every time I look at them now, I think to myself "Who is this person?". I thought it was time to get some new photos.

English%20Photo%20Shoot%202_resize.jpgI booked a hall and asked a very good friend of mine who is semi-professional. She started photography late in life but I have always admired her style and use of light.

We had the photo shoot two days ago and although I think we were quite tense at the beginning,we warmed up and really got into it. In the middle of the session,the stage director,whom I've also known for ages,also joined in with his own camera so it became a three way session! I think this took away the edge/pressure and created a really good atmosphere. We were all on a high at the end of the two hour session!

I've had to do some of the editing today and I'm happy to say that there were a few which I really liked. It's amazing what you can do on the computor though nowadays. It's veeeeery tempting to make yourself more beautiful than the real thing.

I always think though,that if you're really lucky that there will be one that really sticks out. There's something really special about it and it seems as if there's some kind of extra magic. I think between the two of them they took nearly 500 photos (thanks to digital cameras!),and,yes,I was lucky this time!

English%20Photo%20Shoot_resize.jpgThere was ONE that was quite special. The amazing thing is that I don't even have to "retouch" it at all!

This has really cheered me up as I had been feeling that the preparations for this concert had not been going well. I just felt like I was running into one brick wall after another. I just hope that things will run a bit more smoothly now as I feel like I've been given a really good re-start.

Just have to deal with one thing at a time....

← Relaxing facial muscles in between takes!