November 2009

Feeling good!

I can't believe that already two weeks have passed since my recital in Tokyo!A great deal of work was required on the organizational side which was quite stressful at times but the practicing was always going well which kept me in sane.

It was a really miserable morning - stormy weather with forecasts of even small tornados! But it all cleared up by noon which was a relief as I was getting worried about people not being able to get to the venue because of train troubles.

The hall was full and there was a really nice feeling - mostly owing to the fact that I knew most of the audience! It still can be nerve wrecking in the beginning but for some reason rather than feeling nervous I was worried that I might faint back stage - maybe a different kind of nervousness...?

Anyway,I gave it my all and I can honestly say it was the best performance I could've given at this stage. It's almost impossible to be satisfied with everything but there were a few things that I was really happy about and felt that I was able to really give my heart and soul out without any restrictions. It's a really scary thing but it's my ultimate goal. I'm hoping that someday I can make this a definite thing. At the moment,it still comes and goes.

So many people have been kind with their comments and it's really encouraging to know that all the hard work put into the two hours that we share is maybe really worthwhile.

Of course there are lots of things that I would've wanted to do better,but at the moment I'm feeling good about what I've managed to do in this concert. I feel that this has been a really big step forward and hope that this will help me to move forwards towards what I'm aiming for.