February 2010

Almost spring?

Zuisenji%20gate_resize.jpgIt was a beautiful Sunday here in Japan.It was too much of a temptation to stay indoors,so after teaching in the morning and practicing for a few hours I decided to take a nice long walk.

Zuisenji%20stairs_resize.jpgThere are several temples that I particularly like in Kamakura and most of them are because they are tucked into the mountains which make them secluded from the rest of the world. It's wonderful to be surrounded by untouched nature.

I decided to go to Zuisen-ji (temple) which is one of my favorite temples. It's famous for it's flowers so there are always quite a few visitors but it's still very peaceful.

At the moment,Kamakura is filled with the scent of the plum tree flowers. Zuisen-ji%20Plum%20trees_resize.jpgWe have quite a big tree in our garden so whenever I open the windows in the morning the beautiful scent of these flowers just pour in. It beats any kind of aroma-therapy!

Zuisen-ji's garden is filled with these plum trees so I was hoping to see the garden full of these flowers. Unfortunately though,because the temple sits in a valley,apparently the seasons come a little bit later. There were only a few flowers in bloom here and there which was a bit of a disappointment. Still,the air was full of various different beautiful aromas coming from flowers and shrubs. Spring must be just around the corner!