May 2010

At last!

Sunset2_resize.jpgI'm in a really good place.

For the past year or so I've been having a sort of midlife crisis but I feel like I'm over it now. It's interesting how things work as it seemed to be a gradual process. There were so many things that I had questioned about my own life - what I've done and where I want to go - and also about the world and times and societies that we live in. There were a lot of discoveries,many of which were depressing but also made me learn a great deal about myself. Each question seemed to be answered and I was gradually lifted from my low point.

I had done the soul searching and questioning and I got to a point where I could just say "Shut up and get on with it!".

I'm not sure where I'm heading for but I'm happy with where I am and am feeling positive and focused.

One of the things that has started the "positive" process is that I'm starting to feel really good about my playing. At last I feel that,maybe,playing the piano is really where I can work my heart out. I think I totally lost track of what it really felt like to express oneself fully. If I can do this on stage,all the hard work will be worth it.

P.S.I've updated my Information page. I'm doing a concert in June with an oboist in Kamakura,Japan. Please come if you can!