June 2010

Travel to Europe

P6136208_resize.jpgSeems like a while since I last blogged.

The concert "Travel to Europe" went well and it seemed to have been well recieved.
It was a first for both the oboist and I to have two totally seperate concerts in one day. They were both over an hour each,with two totally different programmes - many pieces!

We both wondered how we'd do stamina-wise but there was no problem at all which was quite interesting. It actually felt like it went by so quickly and felt even short! Adrenalin,I guess.

The programme was an interesting one with many composers that I had never heard of before! There was lots of variety and it really showed the differences of which country the composers came from. A few people who came to both concerts commented on this and said that listening to the two combined made it even more apparent and that it sounded complete as a whole. I was a bit worried for the people who bought tickets for both concerts thinking that over two solid hours of music in a day was a bit much so it was nice to hear that they enjoyed them as a complete set.

I'm happy now to be free from the pieces we've done and now am starting to think about a recital programme for next year. I'm really looking forward to starting new pieces afresh!