August 2010

Summer in England

I've had a busy few months,with lots of new pupils and going to China for the first time which was a great experience.

I've just come back (actually it's already nearly two weeks...) from my holiday in England. It was a shorter holiday than usual so it did feel a bit rushed. It had also been over a year since I had last visited London so it did take a bit of time to settle in. But,of course it was great seeing friends and being able to spend time together with all those that I hadn't seen for a while. Skype is great,but nothing compares to actually meeting with someone in person. I feel very blessed that I have so many people in my life whom make my life so full and joyful!

I'm going to sign off with a quote from one of my favourite films "A Prelude to a Kiss". (Sorry - it's a total chick flick!)

"Never to be squandered...the miracle of another human being"