December 2010

Wonderful surprise!

I've been feeling quite low and confused in the past few weeks. I think it's just because I've been so busy and haven't been pracitising much so I feel like I've lost my center. I became so behind with my Christmas cards so I've ended up writing Happy New Year cards instead! Apologies to everyone who hasn't recieved a card from me yet!

I suddenly feel inspired to write today as something wonderful was waiting for me when I came back from my teaching. It was a Christmas card from someone whom I had met only once 5 years ago in a restaurant in Manhattan.

I've been thinking a great deal about the people that we meet through our lives and how some come and go and if there's any logic to why some of them stay. I've been a little disheartened in the past few months concerning this so this card was such a welcome surprise and will help me gain back my faith in that there must be a meaning to the meetings that we have through our lives.

The card was from an Indian couple whom we were sitting next to in a seafood restaurant in New York. There's a misconception that Manhattan is an unfriendly place but I've always thought otherwise. There is so little space in restaurants and bars that you're in such close proximity to the next table/person that you're bound to strike up a conversation.

That's just what happened to us. Our tables were so close together that our conversations just started to overlap organically! We ended up sharing our desserts ( the wife had a delicious peach cobbler!) and ended our lovely dinners together.

I wrote a Christmas card to them that year but sadly never heard from them. I just thought " I guess it was just another one-off very interesting and fun meeting".

SO to hear from them after all this time is truly wonderful. (I remember that there was a TV in the restaurant and they were reporting that the US was going to war with Iraq. I was really impressed how everyone seemed to be outraged by this as the news that we got in Japan only showed one side of the story.) They've written that my card has been sitting on their desk for 5 years! I feel very honoured that they kept it there for so long!

I truly believe that everyone that we meet is a blessing and has a meaning. It might just be the one time or it may be someone that we will have all throughout our lives. I'm so happy to know that our one time meeting has had some kind of a meaning to have had left an impression for 5 years!

Merry Christmas!

Christmas%20tree_resize.jpgWishing everyone a blessed Christmas!
May there be peace and love throughout this world on this day.

(Can't believe I haven't written in my blog for so long!I'll try to be better next year!)