February 2011


Sunny%20piano_resize.jpgIt's nearly a month now till my recital in NY. I've been working hard and have been going through several phases. The playing's going well and I've had several breakthroughs but each process takes time and it feels as if I'm just inching towards where I want to get to. The great thing though is that I know exactly where I want to go! It's amazing how all these years I've worked so hard to get to "somewhere" but didn't really have an idea of what that "somewhere" was!!! Although each day's progress is minimal I am confident that I am at least getting closer to what I am aiming for.

I was watching a documentary on an artist working on a huge project. He was to paint all four walls in a temple and I think it took him over 3 years to complete it. He used a small paint brush to paint the water lilles and would go back to each one over and over again. "Patience,patience..." is what he said.

Just another month now till my recital. I just hope that I don't run out of "patience" up until the day itself. Hopefully every day will be a step closer to where I want to be.