April 2011


Wishing the world a very Happy Easter!Spring%20flowers_resize.jpg


My friend in Switzerland sent me this Youtube link. It made me smile and uplifted my heart even if just for a moment. Much needed when we are just surrounded by sad and depressing news.

It's a fun video,but not only that,the comments by Artist Genki Sudoh are very touching and I think very true.

I've always remembered this discussion I had with my piano teacher years ago about Ghandi. He said that Ghandi had said that human civilization had,at a certain point,branched out onto the wrong path and that we were moving further and further away from the right one. The only way to get back on the right path was to go back where we had got it wrong.

I think this is exactly what Genki Sudoh is saying. This is the ultimate wakeup call. This is our chance to re-look at our lifestyles and rediscover our values as human beings. Please read the comments that he has posted.(Click on the japanese writing under "Subscribe, See all my Videos, Comment, Like, friend me,and follow ...)They are very moving and encouraging.

(The clip inspired me to find out more about him. I didn't realize he was the famous K-1 fighter! It's inspiring to know that so many people in so many different fields have their own philosophies and yet we still believe WE ARE ALL ONE. Here's another clip you might enjoy- WORLD ORDER)


Sakura%26%20Shrine_resize.jpgIt's a month now since the earthquake hit Japan.
Life here in Kamakura is much more settled now but there is a certain sense of gloom and sadness and worry for the future of Japan.

A prayer ceremony was held at Hachiman- shrine,here in Kamakura today. All the main religious leaders of Kamakura were there to pray together. Shintoh and Catholic priests,Buddist monks and Protestant vicars each offered their prayers one by one. It was very moving to hear everyone around me pray in their own religion. Although,being Japanese,everyone was praying very quietly,almost like whispers.

This earthquake was so vast and there are so many aspects to it. It's a truly testing time for Japan.
There is a great feeling of unity,and the feeling of sadness and anxiety is part of it,but I hope we will be able to find the will and energy and wisdom to get through this.