August 2011

Concerts in the Autumn and Youtube Clips

I had a wonderful summer in Europe and hope to eventually write about it,but before that,I thought I should let everyone know about my concerts in the autumn.
I've updated my "information page" so please check it out for future concerts.
Please come if you're in the area!

I've also (at last!) have posted two clips on Youtube of a performance from 2 years ago!
Sorry it's taken so long to get it sorted!

Scarlatti Sonata in C K.159
Scarlatti Sonata in d-minor K.9
(Both from a Recital in Tokyo,November 14th,2009)

One country to another

I've just come back from a tense riot-ridden Britain to a solemn and saddened Japan commemorating 5 months after the earthquake and tsunami. It's amazing how you can move from one country to another and feel totally different. Reality can be so different depending on where you actually are.