August 2012


%E5%A5%A5%E5%A4%9A%E6%91%A9_resize.jpgI've been feeling inspired and working hard at the piano and my pupils are all coming back from their holidays so it's starting to feel like summer is ending.

It's still EXTREMELY hot here in Japan though and I felt like I needed to do something that would be fun and also cool me down before the holidays were over. I wanted to do something called hydro-speeding which is like body surfing down a river but apparently there weren't enough people to do the tour so I ended up going "canyoning".

%E6%BB%9D_resize.jpgBasically it's trekking down a stream in the mountains which means going (sliding or jumping!) down water falls. It's interesting what the tour company puts on their website. NO one on the tour knew what they were in for - including me!! At one point we had to go down a cliff with a harness - the cliff being 20m high!I think there would be even fewer people coming if they knew what the tour was about!

Also no one realized that we would have to trek up the mountain first in wet suits. Can you imagine having to trek up quite a steep mountain in wetsuits in temperatures well over 30 degrees!!!? Anyway, once we arrived at the first waterfall,everyone was happy. It was SOOOOO beautiful and the water was so refreshing. There were so many times when we were all saying "you've got to be joking!!" as there were many unexpected and scary moments but in the end it was great great fun.

I am feeling refreshed and am now ready to go back to work!


Still feeling excited about the possibility of music after Friday's concert. I spent nearly eight hours at the piano today and was enjoying every minute of it. I have to make sure I can get as much as I can out of what has inspired me while it lasts. I know in a few days this excitement will evaporate so I'm hoping I'll be able to make that inspiration my own before that happens.

True Artist

                         A and his sister/pianist M
A%26M_resize.jpgJust been to an amazing amazing concert.
It was a cello recital in Tokyo but I've been truly inspired. The cellist is still a teenager,studying in England but his manner and playing is already that of a truly great artist. It's just mind blowing to know that he can get so deep into his soul at such an early age. I feel so lucky and grateful to have been in his music's presence.

I've been having trouble enjoying the summer here in Japan as I'm used to traveling at this time and was getting worried that I'd have to dive into a busy autumn term with my practising and teaching without feeling refreshed. But today's concert has been so inspirational that I am now so looking forward to start working on my next recital programme.
It's like ,"Thank you,thank you,thank you!"