March 2013


%E6%A1%9C_resize.jpgSpring has suddenly come to Kamakura. It's been a VERY cold winter this year but there have been some very warm days in the past two weeks that suddenly it's become cherry blossom season! All the cherry blossom festivals which were planned in two weeks time around Japan won't have any cherry blossoms left!

I'm busy at the moment getting ready for my recital in NY. Can't wait to come!
It's on April 6th in the afternoon in Manhattan. Please check my information page for details. If you're in the area, please come!

2 Years

It's been two years since Japan's disastrous earthquake. There was a prayer ceremony at my church with Kamakura's top leaders of the three religions - Christian,Shintoh and Buddism - coming together.

Again,like last year,there was a minute of silence at 14:46. A minute where we all come together in prayer as a nation.....