September 2013

One Beautiful Sentence

Do you know that our soul is composed of harmony.
- Leonardo da Vinci

September 11th,2013

12 years.....
Thinking about NY and all my friends there....
Sending my deepest thoughts and prayers.

Summer 2013

Worcester_resize.jpgAgain,it's been a long time since writing in my blog..... There are various reasons - I'm not just being lazy.

Like my playing,I felt like I needed to re-evaluate many things in my life. I sort of got really disappointed with a great deal of things which are really close to me.

I've been taking time to really look at my playing as well and have had to go back to where it seemed to have gone wrong. It's paid off though,and now I feel that the sound and music I'm producing is much more sincere and honest and true. I'm trying to get rid of all the "artificialness" out of every note that I play.

It's the same with friends and people that I've been working with. I sort of lost faith in people a bit over the past few months. But,I had a really nice summer in Europe (Britain,Belgium & Italy) and seeing friends whom are genuine and are just really good people has given me back my faith and my heart feels energized and positive again. Although music itself is pure and beautiful and true, the music "profession" itself is sometimes totally different.

I am still alive though,and working on some big pieces that I've always wanted to play for future recitals. There's also a piano quintet that I'd love to do which is in the planning.... We'll have to see....

So,for the time being,I'm taking my time in trying to be a better musician and a better person. I hope this will eventually reflect in my performing.