February 2014


%E6%AE%B5%E8%91%9B%E9%9B%AA%EF%BC%91_resize.jpg%E5%85%AB%E5%B9%A1%E6%A7%98%EF%BC%92_resize.jpg%E5%A4%AA%E9%BC%93%E6%A9%8B%EF%BC%93_resize.jpgSecond time this winter that we've had heavy snow. I always think that Kamakura is one of the most beautiful places in the world when it snows. Very atmospheric and quaint.


I've just had a chance to go up north again and came back feeling amazed by the ability of people regaining their strength and also being able to maybe even be happy again. I've been going to the same place - a place called Kamaishi - which was hard hit by the tsunami but I could definitely sense a positive vibe this time and it's really filled me with hope.

There were times when I could really feel that there was wide spread depression amongst the communities (which of course isn't surprising) but what I thought that was really serious and dangerous was that the devastation was so vast and so many people were affected by it that I felt that even the specialists (councellers, psychiatrists,social workers,etc....) whom were sent in to help people were themselves drowning in the situation.

This was my fifth time visiting Kamaishi and it's been just over a year since I had last been there but the change was so evident. It's nearly 3 years since the earthquake and I could feel a certain kind of "distance" from it when speaking to the people there. I could also feel their strength in that they're starting to be able to stand up on their own feet.

Of course,the towns and communities will take time to be built again, and with the Tokyo Olympic they're saying that the recovery will be slowed down. But I came back with a really positive feeling this time. In 2011,I wondered if the people whom experienced this tsunami would ever be able to recover from it and be able to be happy again. Of course there is great sadness and the scars will never disappear but I've sensed that there is hope in a future which does include happiness.
I've been lucky to have been able to see it for myself. Human beings are amazing.