April 2014

Life is a miracle

Midori%20Flowers_resize.jpgI thought I already had my fair share of surprises in life. How wrong was I ....

The unexpectedness of it,the shock of it and the intensity of emotions which come with it really makes you aware of the fragility of life. Every moment,every emotion we feel can be turned around 180 degrees in a split second. It also makes you aware of the love that we are blessed with through family and friends and also everything surrounding us. Especially now that spring is here,the flowers,the fresh new leaves,the warmth of the sun,the lightness in the air,all seem like a blessing. I'm looking at this world in a certain kind of wonder at the moment.

Just by chance,I came across this poem yesterday by Whitman which totally put what I'm feeling into words.

From" Leaves of Grass" by Walt Whitman