September 2014

Pure Joy

A friend of mine just shared this wonderful wonderful video on Facebook.
A two year old boy who's just had a cochlear implant hearing his mother's voice for the first time.

Recently,I had a photo session with an amazing photographer whom is totally deaf (hearing impaired?) from birth and since then I often wonder what it would be like to live in a soundless world. His photographs are really beautiful and interestingly, to me,visually very musical.

This video just shows how grateful we should be for the simple things in life which we so often take for granted. It's also really interesting that the boy doesn't really have that much of a reaction to the first voice that he hears,but the reaction towards his mother's is pure joy. To be able to hear the voice of someone you love can be a true miracle.

Can't stop watching it!

The Reason I Jump

I just found out about this amazing person who's written a book called "The Reason I Jump".

It was written by a 13 year old boy named Naoki Higashida whom is heavily autistic.
His mother found that he was interested in letters since a very young age and amazingly they have found a way for him to communicate his thoughts by using a keyboard.
He is very intelligent and his thoughts are very insightful and his writings very poetic.
Apparently a famous Scottish writer came across his book and because this writer lived in Japan for a few years he was able to read the book in Japanese. The book has since been translated into several languages and has become a bestseller all over the world. It seems that he is revolutionizing the understanding of autism.

He also writes a blog which sadly seems to be only in Japanese. It's very inspiring and gives me food to thought daily! Although sadly I saw a comment which was aimed at him which was clearly quite mean... It's really sad to think that some people really can't accept people's differences.

Anyway, I think the book is an inspiration to us all. The way that he looks at the world,the ways that he reacts to them,seem only like an exaggerated version of what we all experience.

September 11th,2014

HopeTower_resize.jpgThere are many sad things happening in the world,but although it's over 10 years now, September 11th,is still one of the saddest days in the calender.

I've just spent my summer holiday in NY visiting family and friends and they truly play a big part in my life so it really saddens me to think of the sadness and pain and horror that they had experienced on that day.
May there be peace with all those whom experienced that sadness and whose lives were changed on this very day 13 years ago.