July 7th,1990 Somerford Chapel, Congleton (UK)

Henry Purcell / Faith
  • "The Virgin Mary's Expostulation"
  • "Lord,what is man?"
Henry Purcell / War and the Elements
  • "Ye Twice Ten Hundred Deities"
  • "Bonvica's Song"
  • "Halcyon Days"
  • "Arise,Ye Subterranean Winds"
Henry Purcell / Love
  • "Sweeter than Roses"
  • "Dear Pretty Youth"
  • "Love Quickly is Pall'd"
  • "Take Not a Woman's Anger Ill"
  • "My Dearest,My Fairest"
Henry Purcell / Love (continued)
  • "Man is for the Woman Made"
  • "I Attempt from Love's Sickness to Fly"
  • "What Shall I Do"
  • "What can We Poor Females Do?"
  • "For Love Every Creature is Formed"
  • "Lost is my Quiet"
  • Fiona Vaughan Soprano
  • David Campbell Baritone
  • Miho Ebihara Harpsichord