May 2011


Just discovered an amazing artist - ZAZ.They were showing a documentary on street entertainers in Paris and apparently she one a competition and now has become a phenomenon in France.
What a talent!!! It feels like the excitement when Norah Jones just came out. I remember trying to go to a concert in London before her album had hit the world but it was too late as her concert was already sold out. At the time,no one knew about her in Japan yet. I'm sorry I didn't get to see her live before she became so famous. I always thought her first album was the best one. Fresh and personal.

Zaz is doing a tour over the summer in France. I hope that I might be able to go see her live. She is definitely a much needed inspiration!

In the documenaty they were showing a full version of "La Vie en Rose" which was amazing but could only find this messy version on Youtube. Nonetheless - enjoy!

Concert in NY

NY%20Recital_resize.jpgJapan is feeling a bit more settled now although there are constantly things to worry about in the news everyday... This is a time for all of us to reflect on life itself.

I realize that I haven't written about the concert in NY which I had done in March.
It was soon after the earthquake had happened and I had wondered whether it was right to leave the country at such a time. Japan was in total chaos for about a week after the earthquake and I don't think anyone was sure what was happening at that time.It was very unsettling and although I considered what I could do if I actually stayed in Japan,after much thought I decided to go to NY and do the concert as scheduled.

We dedicated the concert to those whom had passed away and had been affected by the earthquake and also asked the Japan Society in NY to be our window for donations. I felt that music was the only thing that I could do at that time although locking myself up in the hall and practicing for hours and committing myself to get ready for this concert still seemed very selfish and I still wonder whether it wasn't an act of selfishness to go ahead with the concert. A great deal of time and work goes into organizing and putting a concert together and I didn't want to disappoint all those whom were involved.

For myself,I'm glad that I had done it and am grateful to all those who came and supported the concert and also me. I just hope that it did have some kind of meaning.