5 Years

11%3A3%3A16_resize.jpgMarch 11th. It's 5 years now since the earthquake and tsunami which hit Japan. One of the saddest days in the calender for us as a nation.

In Kamakura,again the three religions - Shinto,Buddhism and Christianity - all came together for a united prayer ceremony. This year it was Christianity to host the event and the ceremony was held at the Catholic church that I go to every week. 311line_resize.jpgIt's still very moving to see that SO MANY people come together to pray for all those affected by the earthquake. Up until 14:46 (the time that the earthquake hit) traditional Shinto music was played outside the church,then the church bells rang at 14:46 and after entering the church,the three religions offered their prayers, and then everyone went up to the alter to pay their respects whilst the Buddhist monks chanted.

Where else in the world would this happen? It's a sad sad day,but it gives me hope in that getting over our differences and praying together must mean something. God,please hear our prayers.