America Ⅰ

I've just come back from my annual visit to America.I'm up with my jet lag and it's 5am in the morning but am feeling really good and full-filled. I visited 3 cities this time in just over a week but everything went so smoothly.I couldn't believe that everything would go so well - every plane, train,bus was on time if not early, and all my hotels and Airbnbs were well in order. Haven't had such an easy trip in such a LONG time.

3 stops on this trip - New York,Boston and Champaign Illinois. I write annual visit as I have a promise with my elementary school teacher from when I was living there when I was little that I would come visit her at least once a year. I try to combine other things with my trip - sometime concerts - but this time was really filled with seeing lots of people I love - family, friends,teachers and even a pupil I had taught over 10 years ago!

Each person has helped me be who I am today and when I see them I realize how I have been truly blessed from a very early age.
I cannot be grateful enough.