7th Year

%E5%A4%A7%E4%BB%8F311_resize.jpgIt's 7 years since the great earthquake and tsunami in Tohoku.
This year again there was a prayer ceremony in Kamakura where Shinto,Buddhism and Christianity all came together to offer prayers for those whom lost their lives and to pray for the recovery of the area. This year it was held at Koutoku-in,where the Great Buddha is.
It's a very sad day but it's also very moving to see the different religions come together especially considering that most wars,even now,are caused because of our differences in faith.
At 14:46 (which is when the earthquake happened) ,we stand for a minute of silence. It's always amazing that for that one minute,although there are so many people (including small children) there is absolute silence. Even the birds seem to sense the sadness and don't sing.
May our prayers be heard.