Super Summer Ⅰ

I've had a brilliant summer this year jam-packed with lots of travel and lots of celebrations. My summer holiday started in London,although it wasn't a holiday at first.

Lunch%20Time%20Concert%20July%20%2718_resize.jpgI had a concert with my violinist friend,Michiko,3 days after arriving there. We rehearsed intensively,starting the day I had arrived and over the next 2 days. It was unexpectedly hot so was a battle against the heat as well! We played 2 sonatas - one by Mozart and one by Brahms. It was the first time to play with Michiko,so we had a great deal to adjust to but I think it was a good start for us as an ensemble. It was wonderful to have so many friends and family in the audience. There was a lovely atmosphere in the church - very relaxed and joyful - which was perfect for a lunchtime concert. What a great way to start my three weeks of summer!